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In Panorama Page I have Different panorama Item, One of the panorama item Contains DeferedListBox, It contains List of Data and I have ContextMenu for that also.. While Tapping the Menu in that Context Menu or, Tapping Some Items in listbox, I need to Show the Message Prompt, but this is not happening for first time ie., I did not see the Message Prompt in the screen, and the Application Hangs, While I taping the Back Button,Or sometimes tapping screen multiple times, I can able to see the Message Prompt for few seconds, Once I got that Popup then It always work, for example And Again I tap the context menu Now I am getting the correct Behavior ie Message Prompt is showing.

This happened not only in panorama page but also in Normal PhoneApplicationPage.

While Debugging I come to Know that LayoutUpdated Event hooked in InvokeOnLayoutUpdated method in VisualTreeExtensions was NOT FIRED, I don't know Why It is not fired, therefore Popup is also NOT VISIBLE, and the App HANGS, When I tap back button, then LayoutUpdated Event is fired so that I can see message prompt for few seconds, and then again I tapping the Context menu item then LayoutUpdated Event is Got fired.. therefore.. I can able to see the Message prompt. Some times this is happened also in PhoneApplicationPage(Normal.. Phone Application Page(Not Panorama)). Can I know why LayoutUpdated is Not fired.. ?

In coding4fun.codeplex.comm provides toolkid for AboutPrompt,InputPrompt,MessagePrompt and so on..they are dynamically added to the LayoutRoot grid of the page.. but still LayoutUpdated event is not fired.. Can I know the the reson..

Thanks&Regards, Dinesh

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do you have a simple repro for the issue? – Matt Lacey May 25 '11 at 2:53
Any Updates on the question? – Keeano Oct 17 '11 at 21:45

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