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I have following piece of code to patch the Folder:

ATFolderSchema = ATContentTypeSchema.copy() + \
    ConstrainTypesMixinSchema.copy() + NextPreviousAwareSchema.copy()
finalizeATCTSchema(ATFolderSchema, folderish=True, moveDiscussion=False)

field =  StringField("rafal_shortdescription",
            schemata = "default",
            widget = StringWidget(
                label = _(u"label_shortdescription",
                    default=u"Short Description"),
                description = _(u"help_shortdescription",
                    default=u"Used in tabs."),


and last line throws:

 File "/home/rafal/projects/vidensportalen_v2/eggs/Products.Archetypes-1.6.4-py2.6.egg/Products/Archetypes/Schema/__init__.py", line 198, in _validateOnAdd
    raise ValueError, "Object doesn't implement IField: %r" % field
zope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/rafal/projects/vidensportalen_v2/parts/instance/etc/site.zcml", line 12.2-12.39
    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/rafal/projects/vidensportalen_v2/eggs/Plone-4.0.2-py2.6.egg/Products/CMFPlone/meta.zcml", line 39.4-43.10
    ValueError: Object doesn't implement IField: <Field rafal_shortdescription(string:rw)>

Any idea why?

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It would probably help if you showed us where you'd imported StringField from... Otherwise we can't know if the object does implement IField. –  Auspex May 24 '11 at 15:02
Why don't use archetypes.schemaextender? –  Andreas Jung May 24 '11 at 15:49
memoryleaks - for now we have code with schemaextender, but it is leaking. anyway, please stick with 'patching' version of question :) –  bluszcz May 25 '11 at 7:44
Did you report this to the schemaextender authors? –  Martijn Pieters May 25 '11 at 7:57
There were two problems, first - use of finalize in wrong place - befor adding field. Second, I shoudnt use finalizeSchema but generateMethods..... –  bluszcz May 25 '11 at 11:23
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I'd advise you to use archetypes.schemaextender instead of using patches to alter Archetypes content types.

The package includes documentation on how to implement your additional field.

As for your error, you created a tuple with one element, a field:

>>> example = 1,
>>> print example

Delete the trailing comma and your code should work as intended.

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I am removing schemaextender from my code - due to the memory leaks. –  bluszcz May 25 '11 at 7:43
And this is reason why I have to make it now by monkeypatch :) –  bluszcz May 25 '11 at 7:43
I answered both your question and gave you advise. Was the answer incorrect and thus worth a -1 vote? –  Martijn Pieters May 25 '11 at 7:59
Hi Martijn, yes you are right. I put -1 to highlight that answer was not helpful for me, but probably was not fair for you. Gave it back now, and thanks for the effort! –  bluszcz May 25 '11 at 11:07
Ach, yes, now I cannot it give back until answer will be edited. –  bluszcz May 25 '11 at 11:07
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