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I use TreeStore & TreePanel . I need to insert new node in my Tree , how to this?

I have TreeStore component who following config :

 var monPrestore = Ext.create('Ext.data.TreeStore',{

    folderSort : true,
    model : 'Task',
    proxy : {
        model : 'Task',
        appendId: true,
        type : 'ajax',
        url : '/intranet-timesheet2-tasks-extjs/getJSON.tcl',

        reader : {
            type : 'json'

        writer : {
            type : 'json'


I have defined Task Model ( It is that i want insert ) with blank value :

                extend : 'Ext.data.Model',
                fields : [ {name : 'task', type: 'string'} , {name : 'material', type: 'string'} , {name : 'cc', type: 'string'} , {name : 'start_date', type: 'string'} , {name : 'short_desc', type: 'string'} , {name : 'id', type: 'string'} ]

I want inserting new record when events itemdlclick is fires up :

I have tested that but it doesn't works :

itemdblclick : function(view, model, htmlitem, index, e )
            var task = {

                task : 't0' , material : 'm0' , cc : 'c0' , start_date : '12' , short_desc : 'sht' , id : '120',leaf : true



Thanks a lot :) !

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I think you asked the similar question here!

There is no insert method for tree panel. You will have to get hold of the tree's root node to modify the tree. In your case, you might have to do the following:

var rootNode = monPretree.getRootNode();

For other tree manipulation methods, refer the API documentation of NodeInterface.

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Oh yes, i don't see my topic ! I have understand , your demonstration. but my new problematic if when i want to inserting just after an leaf ? I don't know if is possible ? I need to adding when i double click on leaf. With dblclick event i have parameter 'index' , i want to add at index+1 –  Mepps May 24 '11 at 15:45
you must be kidding me!! why do you make a node leaf if you can add a child node? ok, now if you insist you need that way, you will have to remove the existing node, create a new parent and insert your child to it. –  Abdel Raoof May 24 '11 at 17:00
No , i don't kidding you ... ! So sorry I my case, its success to add leaf when i dlbclick on project ( no leaf) but now i need to add when i click on a leaf in a same level. The behavior is not same when it is leaf and not leaf? I see in the doc , there are methods to replace leafs ! So sorry if i don't understand you ... –  Mepps May 24 '11 at 17:05
then thats the only option for you.. remove the node and create a new one and its child. So, use remove,insertChild and appendChild –  Abdel Raoof May 24 '11 at 17:08
I have solved my problem : var papa = node.parentNode; var rechild = papa.insertBefore( { task : '', material : '', cc : '', start_date : '', short_desc : 'description', id : '', leaf : true },node); var renode = papa.replaceChild(rechild,node); var test = papa.insertBefore(renode,rechild); –  Mepps May 25 '11 at 9:05

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