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I have requirement of using my own background and blue light for toggle button.

However, using this i am not able to custom position light of toggle button which is always placed to the bottom of button.

I want to move it above and just below center of button.

I tried with paddingBottom but that did not help. Any help regarding this appreciated.

-Thanks, Manju

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to the button of button? – z7sg Ѫ May 24 '11 at 15:24

That light is part of the nine-patch png. If you create new backgrounds, you need to add your own "on" and "off" circles to the file. You then use the border lines of the nine-patch to prevent stretching of the circle.


Read also my answer here for another explanation: How to create android spinner without down triangle on the right side of the widget

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Hi Aleadam, thanks for your response. I have added my own nine-patch file for light on/off, but this light is placed at the bottom of toggle button and it is hardly 8 pixels above from the bottom of button. I want to move this light above with at least 20 pixels. I tried using android:paddingBottom for ToggleButton but that did not move the light even by 1pixel up. Is there any option to move this ? – Manju May 25 '11 at 11:16

Use a LayerList and position the graphic on the toggle button by enclosing the drawable in a bitmap tag, and set its gravity to 'center' - see LayerList here

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Thanks a lot ;) great thing is that this works with selectors as drawables too :) – David Sep 7 '11 at 22:52

Use a relativeLayout and do android:layout_Below, if I understand your question correctly

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