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When persisting domain objects using Grails/GORM I frequently find myself wondering why a save() call fails.

This can easily be solved by adding the logic:

if (! {
    o.errors.allErrors.each { println it }

However, adding this everywhere I do a .save() adds a lot of duplicate code. In the spirit of DRY I'd like to configure Grails/GORM to automatically print any save-errors to the console (stderr). Is that possible? If not, how do I extend GORM to make it possible?

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Object.metaClass.s = {
    def o =
    if (!o) {
        delegate.errors.allErrors.each {
            println it

This adds a method called s() that will call save() and print any errors.

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That is a nice expansion of the answer I provided. Glad you solved it. – codeLes Mar 5 '09 at 0:02
This will add s() to all objects, not just domain objects. To only add it to domain objects, I think you need to do the metaprogramming in the doWithDynamicMethods closure of a plugin – Dónal Nov 9 '09 at 23:05

This isn't the cleanest looking, and there is probably a better, groovier way to do this. Based on looking here I put together this code that might be something you could expand and use:

class Book {
   void printTitle(){ println "The Title" }

Book.metaClass.customPrintTitle << {-> 
    println "changin ur class"

def b = new Book()

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