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I've been doing pages and pages of research and have tried a number of options and now I'm posting to sof in hopes that someone with prior asdoc experience will know how to remedy this:


/asdoc  \
-source-path            ./flash/ \
-doc-sources            ./flash/my/packages/ \
-library-path           /Applications/Adobe\ Flash\ CS5/Common/Configuration/ActionScript\ 3.0/libs/ \
                        ./flash/lib/ \
                        ./flash/com/adobe/ \
-exclude-dependencies=true \

The error I'm getting back is:

/project/playlists/ col: 17 Error: Access of undefined property JSON.

            this._json = JSON.decode(this.json);

The JSON Class is provided by adobe at com.adobe.serialization.json.JSON


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FYI I'm using asdocr now from gskinner and I'm still getting the same issue :( – Jacksonkr May 24 '11 at 18:00
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Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to have asdoc compile the additional classes as they were. What I did was downloaded the swc version of the as3cordlib and dropped that in my ./flash/lib folder and viola. Whenever I run into this, I just generate a swc of the code it's looking for and add it to any folder specified in -library-path.

Also, I started using asdocr - an asdoc GUI by gskinner.

GL all.

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