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I have around 10 Amazon instances running and I want to implement a custom maintenance page but I'm a little unsure of how to do this for a "cloud based" scenario. "App_offline.html" is not really suitable because I would have to update all 10.

I could use "DNS" [using Route53] and change the TTL of the main IP to refresh more often etc but I was wondering whether there is some other way ?

Maybe some way using a load balance or ? Has anyone had any experience in this ?

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If we keep instances online we run a chef-recipe to enable downtime-mode.

It basically updates the document root in nginx' configuration to point to a directory with an index.html and a "we're offline" (or similar) message.

In case of (elastic)loadbalancers, you could also put one instance with a downtime message online and just take the others out of rotation.

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