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   //called when hardware button "Menu" clicked
    public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) {
        MenuInflater inflater = getMenuInflater();
        inflater.inflate(R.menu.menu, menu);
        return true;

and then this

    public boolean onMenuItemSelected(int featureId, MenuItem item) {
        switch (item.getItemId()) {
        case R.id.menu_options:
                startActivity(new Intent(this, EditPreferences.class));   
        case R.id.menu_about:
             Dialog dialog = new Dialog(getApplicationContext());
                dialog.requestWindowFeature(Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE);//NO TITLE :)


//return true;
//return false;
        return super.onMenuItemSelected(featureId, item);

using debug i see i enter the switch case R.id.menu_about, but dialog.show() doesn't do anything

the dialog just won't show, i tried using standart AlertDialog too, no luck either

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Are you getting an error? If so post it please. –  AedonEtLIRA May 24 '11 at 16:24
no error, just the menu bar that disappears –  max4ever May 24 '11 at 16:25

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Try to change:

Dialog dialog = new Dialog(getApplicationContext());


Dialog dialog = new Dialog(this);
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Omg, I just saw that. I can't believe that I missed it. @Max, Yes a dialog (view in general) CANNOT be created using the application context. –  AedonEtLIRA May 24 '11 at 16:39
Thank you, i always thought getApplicationContext() and this are the same thing, what is the difference beetween these two ? :) –  max4ever May 25 '11 at 7:53
It's used to keep global state of application: developer.android.com/reference/android/app/Application.html –  pawelzieba May 25 '11 at 14:12

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