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I am implementing wcf service using the config-less available with WebScriptServiceHostFactory in dotNet 4. On my local development server the web service returns appropriate content in the response body. I tested the same on my local machine IIS 7 and it works great.

But, now I have moved the service on IIS 6 with SSL enabled. The service when invoked calls the web-method as usual, with no server exceptions. The response body is missing its contents. The web-service is of the following format:

I have verified the following:
1. Wild-card mapping set to aspnet_isapi.dll [Check file exists - unchecked]
2. Anonymous Authentication enabled

I would appreciated some input, if some has already experienced such a weird behavior.


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Well I resolved my issue by using WebServiceHostFactory instead. I still don't know what caused issues with WebScriptServiceHostFactory on IIS 6 and .NET 4.0.

I am still looking for any input/resolution with "WebScriptServiceHostFactory on IIS 6 and .NET 4.0"

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