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We've been using Mercurial with Mercurial Queues (+guards for patches) for source control of a number of Windows ASP.Net projects.

I'm interested in setting up a Continuous Integration environment for this but am getting lost in conflicting reports of success with CC/Trac etc.

I'm wondering who else out there is doing this and what your working stack of apps/utils is? Also, if you've got hints on workflow, I'm all ears :)

Appreciation in advance!

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We use hudson and mercurial together and have been quite successful. They are both flexible enough to about anything you want.

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We are very happy using Mercurial/Kiln with TeamCity.

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Which CruiseControl?

If the Java version I know people use it with both Trac and Mercurial, though I don't have the experience with those myself.

But you can ask on the CruiseControl users mailing list to see what others are doing...

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We're using Trac & BuildBot. Works resonably well for simple usage of Mercurial.

Commit-hooks are available for both, but you might have to dig a bit,

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