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I've got a question regarding adjustment of the story points when you break the large story to smaller stories.

Let me be more specific. Lets say I have large user story that I cannot fit in one sprint and I'd like to split it for 3 smaller stories. My initial estimation of original story was 90 points. When I spit the story for three equal 30 points each. Everything is nice and beautiful, but I forgot to change initial story points to 0, so all my charts are going crazy!!! Sounds familiar?!...

So my question is: Is there any mechanism to automatically adjust initial story points when I create sub-stories and assign story points to sub-story?

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There is some add-on on codeplex I believe that could be used to accomplish this.

It is used for automatic calculation of field values.

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Thanks! The plug in is really useful, however, it doesn't deal with the story points :( –  monkzen May 26 '11 at 16:30

Unfortunately there is not a way to do this in TFS 2010 (I have confirmed that with the team lead). So you would have to make sure that the points add up :(

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