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I'm curious if there is a library or a project out there to provide a generic interface to IndexedDB or to WebSQL, depending on user's browser's support. If they're using Chrome/Safari, use WebSQL, if they're using Firefox or Internet Explorer, use IndexedDB.

The poster of this question appears to have homegrown a solution, but did not provide any source code.

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You might want to go with Lawnchair, which is quite well known, as mentioned by Guido Tapia in the question that you link to.

Either that, or use his picnet.data.DataManager solution.

Also take a look at persistence.js.

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Is there some documentation on the picnet stuff somewhere? It seems to be part of some larger framework? –  Andreas Gohr Oct 13 '11 at 7:21

JasonCasden has shared a huge list of libraries/wrappers at his presentation In-browser storage and me. Here is the list:

YUI3 CacheOffline
ActiveJS ActiveRecord
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github.com/axemclion/IndexedDBShim –  Greg Dan Oct 4 '12 at 11:40

I have written YDN-DB for the exact purpose. It is database wrapper for IndexedDB, WebSql and localStorage, build on the top of closure library.


Beautiful API for secure robust high-performance large-scale web app.


  • Support IndexedDB, Web SQL and localStorage storage mechanisms.
  • Well tested closure library module.
  • Support version migration, encryption, query and transaction.
  • Each method call is an atomic transaction. All methods are asynchronous.
  • Follow usual javascript etiquette like: single namespace, no global, no error globbing (unless we told you so in doc), no eval, parameterized query, this is this, coding error throw error.
  • JQuery plugin available (see download section).

Basic usage

Import lastest minified JS script (see download section) to your HTML files. This will create single object in the global scope, call ydn.db.Storage.

var db = new ydn.db.Storage('db name');

db.setItem('x', 'some value')

db.getItem('x').success(function(value) {
  console.log('x = ' + value);


Calculate average by using query

q = db.query('customer').average('age');
avg = q.fetch()

Key query

q = db.query('customer', 'age').bound(18, 25, true).where('sex', '=', 'FEMALE').select('full_name')
young_girl_names = q.fetch()


p1 = db.key('player', 1);
db.transaction(function() {
   p1.get().success(function(p1_obj) {
        p1_obj.health += 10;
}, [p1]);


String value data can be optionally encrypted using SHA-1 cipher.

db = new ydn.db.Store('store name')
db.setSecret(passphase); // generally send from server side upon login
db.setItem(key, value, 3600*1000); // data expire on one hour
db.getItem(key); // data will be decrypted using the provided passphase
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just to let to know i have tried almost all methods to get or retrieve an item from storage but they all fail by saying undefined –  Aman Virk Jan 5 '13 at 4:15
Really? I try very hard this library to use easily. Have you run unit test dev.yathit.com/test/test_qunit.html on your target browser? Have you read dev.yathit.com/ydn-db/getting-started.html ? –  Kyaw Tun Jan 5 '13 at 7:36

Take a look at this: https://github.com/axemclion/IndexedDBShim

It's a polyfill to enable IndexedDB using WebSql. I use it and I think it's quite good, but as every solution, it has some limitations, although you can develop it almost whatever you want without big problems.

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The question is answered, I just want to share the updates.

In May 2012 JayData has been released, which is the unified data access library for JavaScript and helps to manage data in IndexedDB, WebSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, HTML5 localStorage databases and Facebook, OData, WebAPI, YQL data services with the same JavaScript Language Query syntax.

Changing to IndexedDB from WebSQL means only changing type of the storage provider:

var todoDB = new TodoDatabase({ 
    provider: 'webSql', databaseName: 'MyTodoDatabase' });

var todoDB = new TodoDatabase({ 
    provider: 'indexedDB', databaseName: 'MyTodoDatabase' });

If you don't specify the provider, the library detects the available storage of the browser/device in the following priority order (WebSQL, IndexedDB, HTML5 localStorage).

Disclaimer: I'm member of the developer team of the open-source JayData project

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