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I'm using MacPorts and had installed python_select to switch between 2.6 and 2.7. But for some reason I'm now getting a "command not found" error when running:

sudo python_select python26 

Possibly an issue with $PATH? Not sure where to look for it.

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python_select isn't a command, it is a capability added to "port select";
to use it

  1. List the available pythons to select from:

    port select --list python
  2. to choose a specific port (eg python26):

    port select python python26

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python_select used to be a command - port select has now replaced it. –  Mark Feb 26 '12 at 13:19
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See answer to subsequent reframing of question:

macports didn't place python_select in /opt/local/bin

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Eh, on my Lion, I use:-

$ sudo port select --list python

to see available python versions, and:-

$ sudo port select python python26

No _ necessary for me! YMMV

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How does this improve or differ from the earlier answer –  Mark Jun 1 at 11:34

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