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Does anyone have any ideas on how I could programmatically remove all the fillable items in a PDF? I have determined that all fillable items start with "/Subtype/Widget/" (IF the file is opened in Notepad).

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It's best to find a 3rd party library that will enable you to delete all interactive form fields and annotations. It's not something that you can do yourself without studying the PDF specification extensively and that takes a lot of time.

My companies product, Quick PDF Library, allows you to delete form fields and annotations, and as available as a DLL or ActiveX. There are quite a few other products that let you do this as well, including iText for Java/C#, PDFKit.NET, activePDF Toolkit, etc.

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If your solution is using .NET framework then Docotic.Pdf library can help you with the task.

Th library can remove individual widgets accessible by a name or an index. You can also remove all fillable items at once. Please have a look at the sample that shows how to remove widgets from PDF documents.

Disclaimer: I work for the vendor of the library.

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If you can afford a commercial option I would recommend Amyuni PDF Creator for .Net. It will allow you to enumerate all "components" of each page of your PDF file and you can either remove all form fields or convert them into normal text if you want to keep them this way (this process is sometimes called flattening pdf forms).

Usual disclaimer applies

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