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I am developing application based on the NetBeans platform. I use Maven to build it and I need to provide IDE features in my app (text editing, syntax highliting for XML files and so on).

Which libraries do I need to declare as dependencies to be able to provide the editor support? And what about XML syntax highliting (or full XML files support)? I am kinda lost in those dozens of JARs. Is there any way to include whole NB cluster? (To make sure everyone gets it, once again, I use Maven.)

Thanks for any help.

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Have a look at the NetBeans API index in the content section there is a short description about what each API provides. At a guess I think you're wanting to use the Editor Module and maybe the XML API

I think that if you include the following dependency you will get the entire NetBeans (This is not something that I've tried) IDE as a dependecy

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