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I've been beating my head against this for awhile. From what I've read, MVC should natively support the viewmodel being sent back through AJAX this way. What am I doing wrong?

$("#btnSaveContacts").click(function () {
   $("#OrderContactsForm").ajaxSubmit(); //this is how the form gets submitted

@using (Html.BeginForm<OpsController>(c => c.SetClientContacts(Model), FormMethod.Post, new { id = "OrderContactsForm" }))
    @Html.ActionLink("Add Contact", "AddContact", null, new { @id = "btnAddContact", @class = "addButton" })
    @Html.HiddenFor(m => m.OrderId);

        headerStyle: "headerText",
        tableStyle: "tableText",
        columns: grid.Columns
        grid.Column(header: "", format: (item) => new HtmlString(Html.Label((string)item.ContactId.ToString()).ToString() + Html.TextBox("ContactId", (object)item.ContactId).ToString()), style: "hidden"),
        grid.Column(header: "First", format: (item) => new HtmlString(Html.Label((string)item.First.ToString()).ToString() + Html.TextBox("First", (object)item.First).ToString()), style: "normalcolumn"),
        grid.Column(header: "MI", format: (item) => new HtmlString(Html.Label((string)item.MI.ToString()).ToString() + Html.TextBox("MI", (object)item.MI).ToString()), style: "smallcolumn"),
        grid.Column(header: "Last", format: (item) => new HtmlString(Html.Label((string)item.Last.ToString()).ToString() + Html.TextBox("Last", (object)item.Last).ToString()), style: "normalcolumn"),
        grid.Column(header: "Email", format: (item) => new HtmlString(Html.Raw("<label>"+ item.Email.ToString() + "</label>") + Html.TextBox("Email", (string)item.Email).ToString()), style: "bigcolumn"),
        grid.Column(header: "Phone", format: (item) => new HtmlString(Html.Label((string)item.Phone.ToString()).ToString() + Html.TextBox("Phone", (object)item.Phone).ToString()), style: "normalcolumn"),
        grid.Column(header: "Fax", format: (item) => new HtmlString(Html.Label((string)item.Fax.ToString()).ToString() + Html.TextBox("Fax", (object)item.Fax).ToString()), style: "normalcolumn"),
        grid.Column(header: "Notes", format: (item) => new HtmlString(Html.Label((string)item.Notes.ToString()).ToString() + Html.TextBox("Notes", (object)item.Notes).ToString()), style: "normalcolumn"),
        grid.Column(header: "", format: (item) => new HtmlString("<input type=\"image\" class=\"editButton\" style=\"height: 15px;\" src=\"" + @Url.Content("~/Content/Images/pencil.gif") + "\">")),
        grid.Column(header: "", format: (item) => new HtmlString("<input type=\"image\" class=\"deleteButton\" style=\"height: 15px;\" src=\"" + @Url.Content("~/Content/Images/Ops/redCircleX.png") + "\">"))
            htmlAttributes: new { @id = "OrderContacts" })

<input id="btnSaveContacts" type="button" value="Save" />

public static void SetClientInfo(EditOrderContactsViewModel viewModel)
   //save code, defined in a static viewmodel method
   //wrapped by the controller
   //problem is viewmodel is null when it hits here
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The non-sense is mostly because webgrid sucks. – whoblitz May 24 '11 at 22:56
Do you have the @model defined in your view as EditOrderContactsViewModel? – Paul May 24 '11 at 23:00
Yep... Should mention the javascript I reference is allowing users to enter data by deleting rows or inserting more to the table on the client side (no DB changes are made until the Save button is clicked) – whoblitz May 25 '11 at 1:25

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