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I've been utlising a "web browser control" in desktop based applications (in my case Windows Forms .NET) for a number of years. I mostly use it to create a familiar flow-based user interface that also allows a seamless transition to the internet where required.

I'm really tired of the IE browser control because of the poor quality html it generates on output. Also, I guess that it is really just IE7 behind the scenes and so has many of that browser "issues". Despite this, it is quite a powerful control and provides rich interaction with your desktop app.

So, what other alternatives to the IE browser control are there? I looked at a Mosaic equivalent a year ago but was disappointed with the number of unimplemented features, maybe this has improved recently?

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  1. Mozilla seems to provide ActiveX control
  2. K-Melon is another Gecko based browser control
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Popular layout engines:

  1. Mozilla Gecko
  2. KHTML
  3. WebKit (based on KHTML)

Though I'm not sure how easy it is to embed those in a .Net app.

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