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I am writing a REST Web service. This is a snippet of Web service:

public class InitialResource
    @Produces({"application/xml", "text/html"})
    public List<Message> getMessage(@PathParam("input") String input, @PathParam("location") String location, @PathParam("category") String category, @PathParam("session") String session) throws NotFoundException
        if(date.recentUpdate(location) == false)// if false, the checking of category update was run later than 1 hour ago
            user.dropTable(); // invokes method which checks if you need to drop any user's intermediate results table

            if(version.getVersion(location)== true) // if version of category did not change
            {// version of category old; updates list of category for a specific country
       return search.runSearch(input, location, category, session.split("\\.")[1]);

If you invoke it through this URI


you get 404 HTTP error.

There is one more resource below.

 public String getMess( ) {
  return "hello";

If you invoke the service with this URI


you get "hello" string on the screen. Why I can't invoke the first resource with specified path?

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Try replacing @Produces({"application/xml", "text/html"}) with "text/plain" and return "hello" and see if that is the problem. – James Black May 25 '11 at 1:02
Since you're throwing a NotFoundException, I'm assuming you are triggering that somewhere in the body of the method. Try removing the throws clause. That should give you a stack trace that might give you more information. – stand May 25 '11 at 1:20

Thank you for your suggestions, though the problem was elsewhere. I was getting HTTP 404 error accessing the Web service via client (browser). Using URI I just could not connect to the server. I only needed to update the port. And then I updated the path the client code (Javascript) accesses the service. The service system runs well. Thanks

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