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PlanDetails hasMany Companies. PlanDetail table has company_id field.

This is all I need to achieve: PlanDetail.company_id = Company.id. So get all Plan Details where PlanDetail.company_id matches Company.id.

Here is the query I have been messing with in the plan_details_controller:

function pd_list_by_company() {
    $this->PlanDetail->unbindModel(array('hasMany' => array('Plan')));
    $comp_id = $this->PlanDetail->Company->find('all');
    $result = $this->PlanDetails->find('all', array('conditions' => array
('Company.id' => 'PlanDetail.company_id')));
    $company_id = $this->PlanDetail->read('company_id');

I cannot just get the results I need.. what am I doing wrong here?

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What you have shouldn't even parse. Furthermore, CakePHP does the joins for you automatically. What are you trying to find() exactly? –  Jason McCreary May 25 '11 at 0:46
No matter what I do with this condition, I am getting a completely empty array().. with no results. –  OldWest May 25 '11 at 0:54
Wouldn't my $result at least display an array with data in it? I am trying to get an array of all Plan Details like PlanDetail.company_id = Company.id.. So if Company.id matches PlanDetail.company_id, a I would get a result for each... Does this help clarify? –  OldWest May 25 '11 at 0:55
Post your relationships for the PlanDetail model. –  Jason McCreary May 25 '11 at 1:07
PlansDetails table belongsTo Company foreign key company_id . Company table hasMany planDetails foreign key plan_detail_id. –  OldWest May 25 '11 at 2:15

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Sounds like a simple condition on the company_id field to me:

$this->PlanDetail->find('all', array('conditions' => array('company_id' => $company_id)))

Or, if you want the company as well and your associations are hooked up correctly:

$company = $this->Company->read(null, $company_id);

// echo $company['Company']
// echo $company['PlanDetail'][0], $company['PlanDetail'][1] etc...

You need to get a $company_id to query on from somewhere, which is usually the URL:

public function pd_list_by_company($company_id)

Then visit this action with the URL /plan_details/pd_list_by_company/42, which can be linked to using $this->Html->link('foobar', array('controller' => 'plan_details', 'action' => 'pd_list_by_company', 42)).

Complete example:

public function view($planId) {
    $plan = $this->PlanDetail->read(null, $planId);
    if (!$plan) {
    $otherPlansBySameCompany = $this->PlanDetail->find('all', array(
        'conditions' => array('company_id' => $plan['PlanDetail']['company_id'])
    $this->set(compact('plan', 'otherPlansBySameCompany'));
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This is what I have been doing: $this->set('planComps', $this->PlanDetail->find('all', array('conditions' => array('PlanDetail.company_id' => 'Company.id'))));..... And my sql_dump is accurate too: SELECT PlanDetail.id, PlanDetail.name, PlanDetail.company_id, Company.id, Company.name FROM plan_details AS PlanDetail LEFT JOIN companies AS Company ON (PlanDetail.company_id = Company.id) WHERE company_id = 'company.id' ..... But my debug(planComps) is always an empty array.. This makes no sense : ( –  OldWest May 25 '11 at 5:22
Your condition says "WHERE company_id is equal to the string "Company.id". That doesn't make sense. Also, if you're searching for some specific company, you have to plug in the actual numeric id somewhere. –  deceze May 25 '11 at 5:23
But isnt 'company.id' supposed to read from the current find array() and attain the Company ID field value? The relationships are all correct. –  OldWest May 25 '11 at 5:41
You seem to have a wrong understanding somewhere. :) The Model->find() methods are mostly a wrapper around SQL queries. What you're formulating in your original question are just three independent SQL queries. You can only either get all PlanDetails from the database, or PlanDetails that have a specific company_id. In case of the latter, you need to specify which company_id at some point, otherwise you're simply getting all records (or none, since the query doesn't make sense). What exactly would you expect to get from the query in your question? –  deceze May 25 '11 at 5:48
You are right. I do not understand a fundamental of my controller actions. I need to return an array of all Plan Details for a specific Company. And I am using the view() action w/ set() to pass the array to my view. I think what my main problem is I do not know how to extract the current company_id (for the current record I am viewing), so I can use that value in my query. But I am honestly a bit confused on how to achieve that. –  OldWest May 25 '11 at 6:06

I am displaying the set() find result in the Plan Detail view.ctp.

This is how I solved it:

    function view($id = null) {
    if (!$id) {
        $this->Session->setFlash(__('Invalid plan detail', true));
        $this->redirect(array('action' => 'index'));
    $this->set('planDetail', $this->PlanDetail->read(null, $id));
        $cid = $this->PlanDetail->read('Company.id');
        $cid_extract = Set::extract($cid, 'Company.id');
    $this->set('planComps', $this->PlanDetail->find('all',array('conditions' => array("company_id" => $cid_extract))));
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Seems extremely convoluted. See me update. –  deceze May 25 '11 at 7:06
Yeah it was a hack for sure.. It works, but I like the simplicity of your sample.. –  OldWest May 25 '11 at 7:20

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