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float CalcDistance(vector<SoundInfo> &FeatA, vector<SoundInfo> &FeatB){
     do something here

If I have this c++ source code then how do I use this using JNI in Android? I read a couple of tutorial to use NDK and got some basic idea but I am not sure what kinds of data structure has to be passed from Java to JNI for the type vector in c++ Thanks in advance.

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You can start by writing a Java equivalent of the SoundInfo type, if it a struct or class (unless it is a typedef for some integral type). It should carry enough data to construct a SoundInfo. For example the Java object can contain equivalents of all parameters of the SoundInfo's constructor, and they can be accessed directly as fields to minimize the JNI code.

Then you can write two helper functions - one to convert a Java object to SoundInfo, and one to convert a Java List<JSoundInfo> to vector<SoundInfo>.

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You'll probably want to pass the object to(JNI)/from(Java) via a jobjectArray. You can either stuff the SoundInfo into a SoundInfo[] and send it directly as a jobjectArray or pass the object itself if you'd like to just use Get/Set methods it provides.

See the JNI docs for Get/SetObjectField(), GetObjectArrayElement(), etc.

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