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I have an class

public class Point : Geometry, IComparable<Point>  
    private bool _IsEmpty = false;
    private double _X;
    private double _Y;

which represents the centre of an object. I want to animate the object with something like a TransformTranslate.

I know I can kick off two seperate animations (one for X, one for Y), but then if I do a refresh()/redraw() whenever the centre changes, I get two calls (one for each of x, y).

Can I hijack the animation system to animate an object (my Point object)? By this I mean giving an initial state of x, y; then a final one and letting the animation system take care of the interpolation.

Or, do I just code it up myself with a timer, etc..?


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Have a look at the PointAnimation class that should solve your problem.

If you can't use the PointAnimation you could create two double animations and keep them in a single storyboard that controls (starts/stops) them.

Also: I'd stay away from refreshing/redrawing by hand. WPF will do this for you automatically.

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Thanks - I didn't even know about the PointAnimation.. I had to set up a DependencyProperty on my object so that I could animate it, but it works now :) –  DefenestrationDay May 27 '11 at 4:29

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