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1.6ghz, 1.5GB RAM FX5200 Geforce

I'm also assuming I can plug in any monitor I want? Cheers!

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If you do a search on google for: "ios sdk requirements", first hit gets you the requirements: – tegbains May 25 '11 at 3:24
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No, because you need a Intel based Mac to do iPhone development on.

At least, with the stock developer kit - I see blog articles from a few years ago talking about how to patch the iPhone SDK to enable a PPC (aka: G5) build machine... but I don't know if those work with iOS 4.x SDKs.

And even if you did patch the SDK, XCode 4.0 only runs on Intel machines (at least according to Wikipedia)

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Yes, I would image it is, but the iPhone SDK will only run on an Intel-based Mac. Specifically, the iPhone simulator and other iPhone specific tools are Intel-only applications. The actual APIs of the SDK should work fine on an older PPC Mac, but you won't be able to compile your code.

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