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I have layout.jade, which contains #header #main #footer, and #main contains #content and #sidebar, my template body goes to #content if I do res.rend('template'),

but now some page is special, which only want to inherit #header #main #footer and template body should goes to #main, how can I do this in expressjs, my template engine is jade.

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If you wish to have a special layout template for any view you just need to call de template render with the value of layout and the name and location of your new template layout.

res.render('page', { layout: 'mylayout' });

This will render the content of page layout with mylayout for the #header, #footer and other stuff.

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I'd like to reuse part of 'layout' in 'mylayout' just like header which contains user information links and footer links. –  guilin 桂林 May 25 '11 at 7:49
@guilin then split layout into many partials –  Raynos May 25 '11 at 8:05

I think I'd look into view partials and organize your template so that the inner parts that will change can be swapped out.


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Jade allows you to replace (default), prepend, or append blocks. Suppose for example you have default scripts in a "head" block that you wish to utilize on every page, you might do this:

  block head
  block content

Now suppose you have a page of your application for a JavaScript game, you want some game related scripts as well as these defaults, you can simply append the block:

 extends layout

 append head
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