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I originally posted the question: What does this Cucumber error message mean?

Following the suggestion of uninstalling builder and running bundle worked, for a while. Now I am getting a similar error, but this time on rack.

When I run cucumber features I get the following (previously cucumber has worked):

can't activate rack (~> 1.2.1, runtime) for ["actionpack-3.0.7", "railties-3.0.7"], already activated rack-1.3.0 for ["rack-test-0.6.0", "cucumber-rails-0.5.0"] (Gem::LoadError)

Deleting rack just to get cucumber to work doesn't sound like a really good idea to me. How can I fix this problem so it doesn't come back again on another dependency?

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I think you could put the exact version numbers for your gems (including Cucumber) in your Gemfile and then run using bundle exec

 bundle exec cucumber

This will run the Cucumber version in your Gemfile, which should always keep things working even when you upgrade your system version.

The other option is to use RVM gemsets

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