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So I have a GridView in my ASPX page.

When I click <asp:Button id="btnBindIt" runat="server" /> it binds a datatable as follows:

theDataTable = GetAllTheRecords();
gvTheGridView.DataSource = theDataTable;

Note: theDataTable is a member

private DataTable theDataTable;

This works as expected.

Now, after the GridView is displayed nicely, I want to export the data to CSV, so I now click the <asp:Button id="btnExportIt" runat="server" /> which runs the code:


but theDataTable is null.

So I tried


Which is also null.

What's the standard way of persisting this data? I don't really want to hit the DB again as it's quite a long SPROC and the user has already waited once.

Thanks in advance!

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Class level variable can't maintain their value on postback

but there are two ways, you can maintain Data in on Page PostBack ViewState and Session State But I would suggest in your Scenario put in ViewState

ViewState["theDataTable"] = theDataTable;
Session["theDataTable"] = theDataTable;

and then you can access on page postback

DataTable theDataTable = (DataTable)ViewState["theDataTable"];
DataTable theDataTable = (DataTable)Session["theDataTable"];
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Thank Muhammed. I'm concerned with using the session or viewstate with a large dataset. Would you recommend doing this for a large dataset? – Ev. May 25 '11 at 4:40
What if you export Gridview data to CSV ? – Muhammad Akhtar May 25 '11 at 5:11
Another way is, you can iterate your Gridview Rows on server and extract DataTable from Gridview and then export it csv. – Muhammad Akhtar May 25 '11 at 5:14

Declare the datatable as follows and everything will work as expected

    private string _theDataTable="theDataTable";
    private DataTable theDataTable
                            return new DataTable();
                    return (DataTable)ViewState[_theDataTable];
                    ViewState[_theDataTable] = value;


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Thanks for the answers everyone.

I steer clear of putting stuff into the VeiwState or session unnecessarily, so I think the best way to persist this data is to Cache it.

I think the MemoryCache is the most appropriate place for this, is is how I ended up implementing it.

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I think it's a bad idea to store large amounts of data like this in the session. For me, my solution was to not store the results that I planned on databinding, but to make the query that got the results faster by caching. It worked well for my situation. – Ev. Mar 26 '13 at 4:49

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