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A table and I want to know the total of my rows over time. For example. Here's my table:

Date   Fruit   Sold
Mon    apple   4
Mon    pear    5
Mon    orange  2
Tues   apple   3
Tues   pear    2
Tues   orange  1

The table I want back is:
Fruit   Sold
apple   7
pear    7
orange  3

What is a query that I can do this? However, with my real situation, I have hundreds of types of fruit. So how do I query with out specifying each type of fruit each time?

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This looks like homework. If it is, please tag with homework. – oleschri May 25 '11 at 9:24

That would be along the lines of:

select fruit, sum(sold) as sold
from fruitsales
group by fruit
-- adding something like <<where date = 'Mon'>> if you want to limit it.

This will aggregate the individual sold columns (by summing) for each fruit type.

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here is how to do it:

select fruit, sum(sold)
from table
group by fruit


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Group by Time

select fruit, sum(sold),substring(saletime,1,3) from table group by fruit,substring(saletime,1,3)
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