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Just starting with php and sorry if this is a newbie question but i'm having problems parsing a array.

I get this value(output of print_r($result);):

Array ( 
  [0] => stdClass Object ( 
       [Master_companyname] => Royal Bank of Canada 
       [ticker] => ry-t 
       [base_table] => Master 
       [base_field] => ticker 
       [set] => 
           [rendered] =>
       [finder_element_1_Master_companyname] => Royal Bank of Canada 
       [field_names] => Array ( 
            [1] => finder_element_1_Master_companyname 

I want to extract only ry-t but not sure how. Here's what I tried

$result1 = implode('=>', $result);


print (float)substr($result1, strpos($result1, "=")+1);

I studied a bit of java and python and I was trying to apply the same logic of converting it to a string and then splitting the text by a delimiting(in this case I thought "=>").

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You have to subscript the array member, and then the ticker property.

echo $result[0]->ticker;
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omg thank you so much. I can't believe its so simple. I have probably written like 50 lines of code trying to parse this file. Thank you so much Alex. –  Lostsoul May 25 '11 at 5:24

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