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I have an rails application which is quite big with many controllers (entities) I added a feature of enable and disabling of each entity which means that those which are disabled are not shown from view wise ..

Now my problem is

          I have entities like A,B,C
            A has B as foreign key 

On A's controller there are many places where A will do a search of A's entries on the whole.

How to filter the search of A's entries when B is disabled. My table structure is


where category_id is the foreign key of B's id

Please give suggestions

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In model A,

While you write the relation, you can specify like this ..

belongs_to :category, :conditions => {:enabled => true}

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@srikanth- i am saving whether category is enabled or not in a separate table Settings(id , name,value) where value holds t/f for category –  Jasmine May 25 '11 at 10:12

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