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Recently i really was amazed by openstreet maps, and it's very possibilities to manipulate data, aswell the free of charge about many prescious things - like geocoding and the maps itself.

But i wish to still having a backup behind with google maps.

Is it possible to having both of them in Flex, and how ? ( or at least where i can look for similar project of "unification" )

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It appears that OpenStreet Maps has a REST API. You can access that API in a Flex application using the HTTPService; assuming a proper crossdomain.xml file is in place.

If not; you'll have to use a proxy between your Flex app and the REST API.

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:( Pitty that there isn't yet a read-to-be-used unification library containing the most popular maps providers. Thank you again about direction, it have some interesting resources in. –  Yordan Yanakiev May 25 '11 at 11:39

MapQuest has an Open Flash API that uses OpenStreetMap data. They also offer an Open Flash Mobile API that can be used with Flash Builder to build apps for the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry tablet with the new tools in Flex 4.5+. Feel free to check out the documentation on the MapQuest Developer Network!

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