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I have made a ContentType in Visual Studio 2010 for my SharePoint 2010 project and the first time I deployed the wsp through the WSPBuilder there were no troubles but now every time I try to deploy, it keeps saying that it can't activate features because "The field with ID {insert random guid here} defined in feature {60938308-3563-497c-bc55-b2ae847ca8b8} (the feature activating my contenttype on the site) was found in a current site collection or in a subsite."

The contenttype and site columns gets created on the rootweb and even though I try to either deactivate the feature or completely uninstall it, the site columns and contenttype won't be deleted from the ContentType gallery or Site Columns gallery.

How can this be?

I use pure feature and XML functionality. No eventreceivers are involved.

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SharePoint will not let you delete site columns and content types that are in use. This makes the upgrade process a little tricky.

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Besides checking out what Rob suggests:

Did you install Visual Studio SP1? I received that error before installing SP1 and the workaround was closing all Visual Studio instances and starting it up again. After starting up deployment was possible again.

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