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folks! I need to make such layout: I've got listview and I need to put buttons on top and on the bottom of it, i.e. when user scrolls list to the end, he can see bottom button, and when user is on the top of list, he can see top button. But when user is 'in the middle' of listview, he can't see those buttons. I've got no idea how to do it. Thanks for help.



        LayoutInflater inflater=this.getLayoutInflater();

        View header=inflater.inflate(R.layout.list_header, null);



        View footer=inflater.inflate(R.layout.list_footer, null);

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First create two layout file. like as footer_layout.xml & header_layout.xml and add footerview-headerview in list view

LayoutInflater inflater = activity.getLayoutInflater();
LinearLayout listFooterView = (LinearLayout)inflater.inflate(
            R.layout.footer_layout, null);


LinearLayout listHeaderView = (LinearLayout)inflater.inflate(
                R.layout.header_layout, null);

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how can you make custom your button? – user4050065 Feb 2 at 12:17

You can use addHeaderView() and addFooterView() on your ListView

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you just show a link without any explanation... – Duggu Jan 22 at 8:50
Try posting an example...and explain the issue with the adapter when adding a footer – Alexandru Circus Feb 12 at 10:34

Check here:

Android Dynamicaly load Listview at scroll end?

This is with the help of list's footer and header. Basically, you use addHeaderView() /addFooterView (). Check all versions of the methods, since they allow you to have the view not being selectable.

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