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Any idea how to inject values to the Enterprise Keywords column of a List / Doc Lib Item using code?

Tried the following, it didn't give any error, but that column wouldn't update, while the Title did.

using (var site = new SPSite("http://testweb"))
  using (var web = site.OpenWeb("testsite1"))
    var list = web.Lists["testlist1"];

    var item = list.AddItem();
    item["Title"] = string.Format("Injected from code on {0}", DateTime.Now.ToString());
    item["Enterprise Keywords"] = "1;#Opera|4eed0518-9676-4afc-be20-9027b3b69e42";

In this code, Opera keyword has been added previously, I've checked it against the TaxonomyHiddenList list as well using code to extract the correct ID and IdForTerm (the GUID).

What am I missing here?

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To add a taxonomy field value the approach is a little bit different. Please try:

TaxonomyField entKeyword = (TaxonomyField)item.Fields["Enterprise Keywords"];
TaxonomyFieldValue term = new TaxonomyFieldValue("1;#Opera|4eed0518-9676-4afc-be20-9027b3b69e42");

in stead of:

item["Enterprise Keywords"] = "1;#Opera|4eed0518-9676-4afc-be20-9027b3b69e42";
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This worked. I am using it with the TaxonomySession.GetTerms(...). –  Jimmy Chandra May 26 '11 at 11:51

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