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I have an xsd schema for xml validation. This schema defines an element:

<xsd:element name="num" default="0">
    <xsd:union memberTypes="xsd:integer xsd:positiveInteger" />

There's also a unique constraint for num element values.

What I want is require the element values to be in ascending order. How do I do this? Maybe a loop or a position check, or maybe it is possible to assign some incremental value to the element?

Sample data:

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It is not possible to specify such a constraint using XSD schema. You could specify such a constraint using the Schematron schema language.


<sch:rule context="num[preceding-sibling::num]">
  <sch:let name="the-preceding-value" value="preceding-sibling::num[1]"/>
  <sch:let name="the-value" value="."/>
  <sch:assert test="number($the-value) = (number($the-preceding-value)+1)">The value
      <sch:value-of select="$the-value"/> is not in sequence; it must be <sch:value-of
    select="$the-preceding-value + 1"/></sch:assert>
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In XSD 1.1 (implemented currently in Xerces and Saxon) you can have an assertion on the parent type of the num elements:

<xs:assert test="every $i in 1 to count(num) satisfies num[$i] = $i - 1"/>

(Note that it can't be an assertion on the num element itself, because the validity of an element isn't allowed to depend on any elements outside its own content.)

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