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I have a table on which I want to apply sorting, I downloaded the sortTable.js, included it in my asp page by , gave the table class as 'sortable' and have all the headings inside tag, but still sorting does not seem to work. Am I missing something?

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Here's the function I use:

function sortTable( table, colNum )
  var n = table.rows.length - 1;
    var newn = 0;
    for( i = 2 ; i <= n ; i++ )
      if( table.rows[i-1].cells[colNum].innerHTML.toUpperCase() > table.rows[i].cells[colNum].innerHTML.toUpperCase() )
        table.insertBefore( table.rows[i], table.rows[i-1] );
        newn = i;
    n = newn;
  while( n > 0 );

table is the DOM table object and colNum is the column index in the table (0 based). It assumes there is a header row on the table (which wont be sorted). It will take a couple seconds to sort a large table (hundreds of rows), but smaller tables sort instantly.

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