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I have encountered this solution for a problem I tried to solve (uncheck radio buttons), which works perfectly, but I can't find anywhere on google what does .previous do and is it JS core or some library?

    if (this.previous) {
        this.checked = false;
    this.previous = this.checked;

this is the original question

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What you've quoted isn't anything I'm familiar with. The prev method is jQuery-specific. It gives you the previous sibling element. The DOM equivalent property is previousSibling (which may not be an Element, it may be a text node or something else).

It looks there like someone's creating an expando property on the element. I would strongly recommend against an expando property called previous, but there you go.

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You can add any variable to an existing object, in this case the input type radio gets another property called previous. Its part of the core javascript.

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if ($(this).prev()) { ...

You could try use the above. http://api.jquery.com/prev/

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