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I'm trying to animate the border of a button, but having trouble getting it to work. Here's the XAML I setup:

<Button x:Name="Btn">
        <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="Button.Click">
                <Storyboard Duration="100" AutoReverse="True"
                    <ColorAnimation To="Yellow" />

I'm getting this error:

Failed to assign to property 'System.Windows.EventTrigger.RoutedEvent'. [Line: 17 Position: 30]

Any idea why? Total noob at this. I'm using Silverlight 4.

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Silverlight only supports the Loaded event in an event trigger. For this sort of thing you need to be looking into Visual State Manager.

The Button already supports a Visual State called "Pressed". However in order to change the buttons visual behaviour you need to first copy its default template and place it in a static resource.

You can get a copy of the default style used for button here. Lets assume you give this a x:Key of "MyButtonStyle".

You would add your ColorAnimation to the existing Storyboard for the "Pressed" VisualState.

Then your button xaml should be:

<Button Style="{StaticResource MyButtonStyle}" Content="Click Me" />
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