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I'm having a problem with Jcarousel where i need to have a divs text changing when the next button is pressed on the carousel. I have the carousel set up and working how i want, scrolling one item at a time:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    scroll : 1

                <li> <img src="img/slider/slide1.gif" alt="slide1" /></li>
                <li> <img src="img/slider/slide2.gif" alt="slide1" /> /li>
                <li> <img src="img/slider/slide3.gif" alt="slide1" /> /li>

Now i want to append the the text inside a div when the next button is pressed i know Jcarousel has the itemFirstInCallback: function but I'm totally lost on how to use this to append a divs text:

   <div class="copy">


   example text



Any ideas?



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Might need some better html markup and a slightly better explanation then you will get a better answer. I'm going bed now, good luck. –  daryl May 25 '11 at 11:23

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