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Upon Initialization, I am going to be reading in an interface control document from XML or a DB. It is going to be full of messages that will come in on the interface. The format of each element (row) will be something like this:

ElementID - Value - Type - Size - Scale

An Example:

Timetag 0.0 double 8 1.0
X 0.0 float 4 3.29
Y 0.0 float 4 3.29
Frame 0 int 4 1

I want to build a table of elements for a message like above and display in a GridView. However, the data in the Value field will be updating dynamically as data comes in. The other thing I'm not sure how to really deal with is that I won't know the core type of the element (int, float, double, string, etc...) until I read it in.

Is there a smart way to initialize my objects that will easily allow for this? Should I just have a class that contains a List of Element objects? Will that lead to any issues later? Is there a way in C# to use the string that contains the type name to create the element? The only thing that is coming to mind is to have int element objects(using Element as base class), double element objects, etc... and once I read the type string, decide which type of object to create and add to the List. Thoughts? Any advanced feature of C# I'm not thinking of?

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What GUI ? .... – Henk Holterman May 25 '11 at 11:39
A desktop application I am making in C# and .NET (3.5). WindowsForms – Awaken May 25 '11 at 20:50
You left out a string sample. In general Grids and varying-type columns don't go well. Consider converting everything to string yourself. Then use a List of MyDislayClass. – Henk Holterman May 25 '11 at 21:36

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