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The other page that is the index page shows the catalog of the pizzashop. Each pizza is a hyperlink that passes the id to this page. The core of my question is in the code that starts with the foreach loop. I would like to simply read out of the database based on the SELECT query at hand. I know it is weird to put the query IN the loop but for now it is the only way I figured out how to loop through all the ids that are in the SESSION array. I tried many things to output the return that the query is supposed to give, I fiddled around with the mysqli_stmt thing, all giving me numerous types of errors.

require 'pizza_sc_fns.php';
require 'header.php';

@$pizzaId = $_GET['pizza_id'];

if (!isset($_SESSION['order']))
    $_SESSION['order'] = array();
    $_SESSION['items'] = 0;
    $_SESSION['totalprice'] = 0.00;
if (isset ($_SESSION['order'][$pizzaId]))
    echo $_SESSION['order'][$pizzaId]++;
    echo "\$_SESSION['order'][\$pizzaId] is SET \n";
    echo $_SESSION['order'][$pizzaId] = 1;

$conn = connect2db();

foreach ($_SESSION['order'] as $pizzaItem)
    $query = "SELECT pizza_name FROM pizzas WHERE pizza_id = $pizzaItem";
    $res = @$conn->query($query);
    echo $res->fetch_assoc(); 
    echo "<hr />";

    //$query = mysqli_prepare($conn, "SELECT * FROM pizzas WHERE pizza_id=$pizzaItem");
    //echo var_dump($query)."<br />";
    //$stmt_exec = mysqli_stmt_fetch($query);
    //print $pizzaItem."<br />";


<a href="logout.php"> Destroy session >> </a>
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You are going to need to use a loop but you don't need to run the query for every iteration. You can use the in clause.

Your code would be something like

$query = 'Select pizza_name from pizzas where id in (';

foreach($_SESSION['order'] as $pizza_id) {
    $query.= mysql_real_escape_string($pizza_id).', ';
$query= substr($query, 0, -2); //Get rid of the trailing comma and space
$query .= ')';

And you can run the query.

I would recommend that you use prepared statements though I'm not sure how to use them for an in statement.

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looks interesting. Never crossed my mind you could use a loop this way. It's not printing the result of the query yet but that probably has to do with the statement that needs some further tweaking just as you mentioned –  Immers May 25 '11 at 13:30
For the sake of completion: $query= substr($query, 0, -2); did the trick, since we need to skip the parenthesis at the end. –  Immers May 27 '11 at 8:40
Actually it was the space I'd forgotten I'd used them. I'll update my code. –  Belinda May 27 '11 at 9:04

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