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how to get the output in column wise in a below batch file

@echo off
setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion
set Counter=0
for /f "usebackq tokens=2,5,6 delims= " %%a in (`findstr /c:"Cod " 

1231.txt`) do (        
set x=%%b
set x=!x:~3!
set y=%%c        
if %%c LSS 10 set y=!y:~1!
set item!Counter!=%%a-!x!#!y!        
set /a Counter+=1
set result=%item0%
for /l %%i in (1,1,!Counter!) do set result=!result!!item%%i!
echo  %result% >>result.txt
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Dup? Is this guy asking the same question over and over? – DJ. Mar 4 '09 at 21:21
Apparently. I'm still wondering what exactly he wants. I mean, that's about the third incarnation of a batch file I wrote. Last he wanted was all results in a single line (or at least I read it as such :)) – Joey Mar 4 '09 at 22:21

Looks like you are concatenating the values into the result variable. Rather than:

... do set result=!result!!item%%i!

Why not output the value directly to your output file:

... do echo !item%%i!>>result.txt
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thank you I added the syntax what you give me. but inresult first line skipping. means i need to get the result 660-936330#9 660-936340#10ut it is notgiving result from first line it is giving from 2nd line only. – user73628 Mar 5 '09 at 8:21
That's alright. The line above (set result=%item0%) was covering that first one. Change it to: echo %item0%>result.txt – Dave Cluderay Mar 5 '09 at 17:17
Or instead, change the original line to: for /l %%i in (0,1,!Counter!) do echo !item%%i!>>result.txt – Dave Cluderay Mar 5 '09 at 17:22

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