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Today I noticed that Visual Studio 2008 always treats a file as if it was a component or a form if this file contains a definition of one.

This means that it always opens the designer by default. I think this behavior is very annoying, because a file containing a class that derives from form or control does not have to be an actual form or control and I want to edit the source by default.

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I'll just repeat the solution I found at

Add the DesignerCategory attribute to your class like this:

public class Foo : FormDerivedClass
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A class that derives from Form will always be a Form; this is a fundamental concept of object orientation. That said, you can alter the default behavior:

  • Right-click the file in question, select "Open with..." in the context menu
  • In the dialog, select "Source code (Text) editor..."
  • Click the "Set as default" button
  • Click OK
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This would open all forms with the editor by default, right? That wouldn't be the behavior I wanted. I thought it should be possible with attributes or something. You are right that a class that derives from form is a form, but the file can contain other classes etc or the form class could be inside another class where treating the file as a form would not make any sense. – Karsten May 25 '11 at 23:40

Right click on the file, Open With, select preferred editor from the list, Set as Default. Although this works for all files of that type, not for a single file.

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