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I'm working on an ASP.NET app that allows users to upload video files. After the user uploads, I need to determine some of the attributes of the media - namely it's duration/length, resolution, and codec (if possible).

What's the simplest way to approach this? Should I use the WMP SDK - this seems to involve actually instantiating the media player on the server. Is there anything in the framework to do this, or do I need to rely on an external library?

I'm not concerned about displaying or streaming the video back to the user.

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There is nothing in the framework, you will need some sort of library. The best I've seen (but it has been a year or so since I've looked) is taglib-sharp:


The site seems to be down right now, but I see that it's been ported to fink (for OSX) only a couple of months ago, so I assume that is temporary.

oops, just saw that you're not the first to ask a question along these lines and I'm not the first to suggest taglib-sharp:


(note: it supports audio and video files).


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