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I have a class already load inside __construct() of my page, after that once again I want to load this class, inside another function. Here is my code.


class MainClass {
  public $config;

  public function __construct($config) {
    $this->config = $config;

  public function routes() {
    // here I need to load the config class

inside routes function i want to call an array form config class file

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I added a missing } at the end of your class definition; please double-check that your original source code isn't also missing a closing }. – meagar May 25 '11 at 13:06
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Your $config is already loaded as a property of the object, since you passed it in the constructor. If you need to access the $config from another member function, just use $this->config->whatever

public function routes() {
  //here i need to load the config class
  $something = $this->config->somearray[0];
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public function routes() {
    require_once "/path/to/YourClass.php"
    $your_class_instance = new YourClass();
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