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How can i do the following in Oracle?

SELECT  (cast field as bit) From Table

Is there a way to conver this into an Oracle statement using something similar to cast or convert?

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What type does the "field" column have? and how do you want to use the result of the query? Oracle doesn't have the "bit" type. – schurik May 25 '11 at 13:47

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If what you want is to see is how to do binary,hex,oct conversions, see here. (Tom Kyte rocks)

For example,

SQL> select to_bin( 123 ) bin, to_hex( 123 ) hex, to_oct( 123 ) oct from dual
2  /

BIN             HEX             OCT
--------------- --------------- ---------------
1111011         7B              173

EDIT: If you just wanted to see if a bit was on/off, you could use bitand function (which comes out of the box with Oracle). The to_bin function is also shown here, but not needed to use bitand function.

select to_bin(1234) bin,
  2             bitand(1234,1)+0 bit1,
  3             bitand(1234,2)+0 bit2,
  4             bitand(1234,4)+0 bit3
  5    from dual
  6  /

BIN                BIT1       BIT2       BIT3
------------ ---------- ---------- ----------
10011010010           0          2          0

You can also use power function to get 2nd param value for bitand (2^n). eg, power(2,0), power(2,1), power(2,2)

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Oracle/PLSQL: Cast Function

The syntax for the cast function is:

cast ( { expr | ( subquery ) | MULTISET ( subquery ) } AS type_name )
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