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I have to ask some questions in an interactive system and user is free to type just anything as response. I have to conclude from response whether it is positive (yes) or negative (no). In some presentation that I attended few months ago I understood that a specific library of wordnet (not wordnet itself) exists that does the exact same job but I have forgot what it was. Does anyone know about it? If not can you suggest some alternative to attain the same result?

Thanks in advance

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Nevermind I recalled it now. It was SentiWordnet.

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WordNet provides a C API with the main package downloads at

A reference for this API can be found at

Hope this helps!

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I am aware of wordnet and utilizing it already. I am looking for another library derived from wordnet that finds out only positivity or negativity in a sentence. – Muhammad Yasir May 25 '11 at 14:11

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