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I have the following problem: I need to be able to watermark a document that was created from a template. I have the following code right now: (*note: The raw PDF text (body variable below) is sent from a remote server to the ruby code.) =>, :page_size =>
'A4') do |document|
 # ... including other pages and sections to the template here ...

 # watermark
 d.page_count.times do |i|
   d.go_to_page i
   d.stroke_line [d.bounds.left,d.bounds.bottom],
   d.draw_text "Watermark", :rotate => 45, :at => [100,100], :size =>

This is ignoring the templated pages for some reason that I can't comprehend. Now heres where the plot thickens: if the server adds a watermark, then this code will work as expected (e.g.: straight ruby code = no overlaying text on the non-prawn-generated pages, yet watermarking works on a pre-watermarked template). My only guess is there is some way to create a z-index/layer that the server is doing but prawn itself cannot.

Here is a portion of the code from the server that does the PDF generation itself, this does the watermarking using iText:

PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(...);
PdfContentByte over = stamper.GetOverContent(i + 1);
over.SetTextMatrix(20, 40);
over.SetFontAndSize(bf, 20);
over.SetColorFill(new Color(97, 150, 58));
over.ShowTextAligned(Element.ALIGN_CENTER, watermarkText,
                    document.PageSize.Width / 2,
document.PageSize.Height / 2, 55);

If that runs before I use the raw data in Prawn I can watermark, go figure.

So my basic questions are:

1.) Anyone know how I can achieve the same effect using prawn instead of a hybrid? I'd rather handle the watermarking locally.

2.) Is there a basic equivalent to "GetOverContent" in prawn?

3.) Is there a better way to get a string of raw PDF data into prawn without using :template and StringIO? (I saw the #add_content method but that didn't work)

TL;DR: I need to float text above the prawn templated text a la watermarking the document

Any insight or paths I can research will be appreciated. (Or if this makes no sense I can clarify) -Rob

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**note: i know i have "d" instead of "document" -- in the actual code this is in a helper method, so ignore that :) – RobH May 25 '11 at 13:55
How are you applying the template? Is this an image? – user596916 May 25 '11 at 17:43
Nope. it is a raw string of PDF data -- which is why I had to use StringIO to avoid writing it to a file. – RobH May 25 '11 at 17:46

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You could try stamping the document.

create_stamp("watermark") do
 rotate(30, :origin => [-5, -5]) do
   stroke_color "FF3333"
   stroke_ellipse [0, 0], 29, 15
   stroke_color "000000"
   fill_color "993333"
   font("Times-Roman") do
     draw_text "Watermark", :at => [-23, -3]
   fill_color "000000"

stamp_at "watermark", [210, 210] 
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