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What is the correct way of verifying that a user has put in a facebook profile picture (ie the non-default one), and if so, to retrieve it?

This: how to determine if facebook user has uploaded profile picture or its default? talks about a method, but the author himself says that its a bad method:

public static function hasProfilePicture($fbuid) 
    /* Really stupid method to test if Facebook user has real profile picture
    * based on FB returning a gif when you request a large photo.  
    * Use with care - for every profile there's an outgoing request! */ 
    $r = get_headers("$fbuid/picture?type=square"); 
    return !array_search("Content-Type: image/gif",$r);
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If a user HAS a profile photo, it can be accessed via<facebook username>/picture. For example, redirects to a specific URL and shows my Facebook profile picture.

However, if a user does NOT have a profile picture, the above URL gets redirected to the URL of the standard placeholder image, which is currently

It's definitely not a reliable way, but will work till Facebook decides to change it.

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