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I am having a particularly tough issue i have to solve but have yet to crack the nut. I have posted about this in the drupal issue queue but i might just be getting ignored. Here is the link to Drupal Issue 1061458.

This is done in Drupal 6 on my centos box using apache mysql and php.

I am trying to do an insert every time someone arrives at a page so i put a silly blank page out there with create content then i put my dynamic block up there to run my code from the module. I make the block call a function that grabs the user's ip address and stores it with a flag in the db until that person registers.

Here is the generated error

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'group) VALUES ('','')' at line 1 query: INSERT INTO group_landing_connection (ipaddress,group) VALUES ('','') in /var/www/html/sites/all/modules/MODULE/MODULE.module on line 1130.

With those exact escaped quotes then here is the offending code in the block function

$sql = "INSERT INTO {group_landing_connection} (ipaddress,group) VALUES ('%s','%d')";

Where Ip and group are set up above. And here is the db formatting from the module install file

  $schema['group_landing_connection'] = array(
'fields' => array(
  'dbid' => array('type' => 'serial', 'unsigned' => TRUE, 'not null' => TRUE, ),
  'ipaddress' => array('type' => 'varchar', 'length' => '30', 'not null' => TRUE, ),
  'group' => array('type' => 'varchar', 'length' => '10', 'not null' => TRUE, ),
'primary key' => array('dbid'),


I tried many things from setting the dbid to null and make the auto increment value. To running cron and flushing the cache. Block cache is turned off. I even tried using the %b for binary data input but nope. I tried removing the replacement values and hard coding numbers and not luck. I tried doing this call right after a db call that works and it still failed so I don't think it is the block's fault. I even tried doing the safer db_write_record call with this code

$data = array(
  'ipaddress' => '3',
  'group' => '3',
drupal_write_record('np_group_landing_connection', $data);

But no luck either anyone have any ideas?

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Group is a reserved word, rename your column

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Or you can say "Exception: A word that follows a period in a qualified name must be an identifier, so it need not be quoted even if it is reserved" But I would just rename it anyway – AllisonC May 25 '11 at 15:20
You are a god! This was exactly the problem. I did not even know that mysql had reserved words why don't they teach this!!! Well any way thank you so much. – coolestdude1 May 25 '11 at 15:43
All words that could have a special meaning in SQL are reserved (and then some more). And group is because of GROUP BY. See for a full list. – Berdir May 25 '11 at 18:50

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