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Hello folks is it possible to find a controll by its name via Linq?

I can iterate thorught contorl collection via for each

foreach (RibbonTab t in testRibbon.CommandTabs)
                        if (t.Name == tab.Name)
                            blnFound= true;


The idea is to save memory. I create telerik ribbon tabs dynamically and i want to see if the tab is there then don't create it also i want to check the ribbonbar if it has specific RadRibbonBarGroup and RadButtonElement by name same as for ribbontab so i dont make duplicates.

Sorry if i complicated a bit.

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bool found = testRibbon.CommandTabs.Cast<RibbonTab>().Any(t => t.name == tab.Name);
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Thanks man that is my solution. Peace Over and out. –  ademg May 25 '11 at 15:18

Yes, this is possible with Linq-to-WindowsForms. See the following article:


You can find all the controls with a given name like so:

var namedControls= this.Descendants()
                       .Where(ctrl => ctrl.Name="NameToFind");
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