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I've installed Centos5, installed a web server and set up virtual host. The host is pretty much set up like this:

> adduser user1
> mkdir -p /home/user1/public_html/{public,private,log,cgi-bin,backup}
> chmod -R 755 /home/user1/public_html/

And I've added a VirtualHost entry in httpd.conf that looks like this:

<VirtualHost *:80>
#Blah blah blah
  DocumentRoot /home/user1/public_html/
#Blah blah blah

So apache can ready the directory just fine but has problems uploading files because the permission is denied. The scripting language is PHP.

How can I allow file uploads without making everything 777 permssion?

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upload files someplace other then the docroot

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chown the directory to match Apache's configured username/groupname, and check where PHP is putting its uploads

Apache's user/group are defined by the User and Group .conf options, and PHP's upload dir is specified by the upload_tmp_dir .ini option.

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make all folders 755 and change the owner to the user who is running apache. Usually in Centos should be httpd

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